Abstract Soul
2002-08-01 16:07:31 (UTC)

Pictures that smile

It's almost as if I have walked into a foreign world that
welcomes me with lonliness and usual neglect. It's amusing
because this is the one I've molded myself.

I apologize for my sudden spur of abandonment.

I have had far a great amount of dealings to messy with.

I do, however, have a path.

I have a vision, a dream, a goal, a reason.

I wish to capture living and beautiful objects and people
in complete oblivion...on film.

I want to become a photographer.

I have, while drowning myself in my own sadness and lame
reasonings, have found this avenue while on a camp.

I went to a photographers camp and found that I have a
talent in this.

I..can you believe this?...won BEST OF SHOW at this camp.

I was so happy that I could hardly contain my excitement. I
can't recall a day that I had smiled so much. I knew then
that photography was indeed, my source of fulfillment. I
have come to the conlusion that I will probably not find my
own beauty..I don't know where to look for it. I wouldn't
know where to in trying to salvage some kind of
portion of my own love, I will try and capture the essence
of other souls and I will draw out their loveliness. With
the entrapment of other people's beauty, I become, in some
part, beautiful. So this is now my newer love in life.

There is much more to say on my July hiatus...but for now,
all that has been written will be revealed.

Thanks all for the all help to untie
the ribbon that binds my spirit. For that I love you all.