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2002-08-01 15:47:12 (UTC)

A daddy`s nightmare

Tommy spent the night over at my place last night, Im my
bed. It was so nice to have him there, I woke up servral
times just to ly there watching him;-)
He dont sleep as hard as normal when Im around, so he wake
up everytime I did it, and gave me a kiss..
My baed is kind of small, and since we`re not a cuple yet
I`ve toold my family and friends that we are just friends.
My parents dont understand why I want him to sleep in my
bed then and afther all the time we have spent togheter
they believe that we are more that friends and dont
understand why Im denying it.

Well, today (Tommy was at work) I was going to Tommy and
sleep there, but I knew my partens would not believe me
when Im saying we`re just friends since we are always
together. So I said I was going to this other frind of
mine, John and spend the night there. My mun was the only
one there and she asked " what does Tommy think about
this?" and I was like hello, we`re not a cuple. And she
started whith why sleeping in my little bed then all over
agen, and the she said, do you know what happend here the
other day, when you father wasd loking for something in
your room?
I was at Tommy`s for the weekend and my father was looking
for something, so he sendt me a message and I said that I
was on my desk. What was also on my dest whas the pill,
I`ve just started it remember?
Oh well, I figured that he had probobly allready looked on
my desk and asking was just an exuse for have seeing it.
Since no one mentioned it when I came home I thought that
one: he had not noticed it or two: did not now that it was,
could I be more wrong?
What happend was that he had seen it, his oldest dougther
was ob the pill!!
So he got in the car right away and drove down to my mother
who was working on a frield and told her about it.
My mother is kind of cool, and though it was good that I
knew how to pertect my self. But I think my father had
freaked out, lol.
She didnt tell me before today, so I tiold her ( a lie??)
that it was just for the menstrution pain I took them and
that it was helping. She had problems with it at once, but
when I told her about all the folks she know who is using
it and that it was my aunt who told me about it she
believed me.
Lol, I was laughing all the time about my daddy and when he
came in some hous later I just mention it and he was like
okey, what ever. I dont think he like talking about that
stuff, witch Im okey with, I can talk about it, but I dont
feel confortable talking with them about it, lol.
Guess thats why we never had "the talk" in my house..

For the last two weeks I`ve been feeling verry dizzy and
sick like all the time, so I wonder why my mum did not
freak out, I know I would if it was my dougther, yesterday
she said, oh well I remember what was wrong with me when I
was feeling sick... *hinthint* but nothing more. So now I
now why, she knew that I could not be peregnant, hehe.
She was not all that happy about me taking the pill in the
beginning of our conversation because its hormons in it and
she knows how healty I am, but she though I was great that
I was pertecting my self.
I want to have kids early I think, and when they are 14 Im
gonna put them on the pill and not put them off before Im
ready to be a grand mother!
When they are 16 they can go out in town in the evning and
nights, as long as they are carefull ,trusty and I know
thay wont get pregnat. I believe in education, first for
me, then for my kids.

Hehe, me and Tommy talked about it last night, just kidding
around on our way to Cessy.
It beginned last Satturday laying in his beed, and he said
your the one I wanna be with for the moment. and I was like
what about the next moment, and he said you. And I went on
with the next moment and the next and the next..
And he said you, you you, I think I said it like seven
times and the he said, you- at leadt for the next 70 years.
That made me happy, he can see a future with me!!
Og well, we was waling and started talking about kids, he
wanted to of them, first a boy the a girl.
And I said I wanted the girl to not play football but piano
insted. He did not like the idea so we aggred on ballet
instead. And the boy, Tommy wanted gool so we could get
rich but I diddnt like that so I said basketball.
(I diddnt wanted to mention football, he loves it, but had
forgot all about it) He said that people who play
basketballdont make all that much mony so I said what about
the formula 1? That was to dangerus he though (and he?s
right) so I said, okey basketball then, I dont want him to
play football because the I`ll have to get up early on the
Sundays just to take him to practice or watch silly
football matches and its SO borring! (ups, I said the word)
Amd he want on and on, you dont have to do that, I`ll
taking him, I`ll even coach him,I`ll make him a star..
But I dont wanna be one of those mean mums who dont care
about ther kids.. And the hge said, you can take the in the
night, and I`ll take care of them all day.. hehe, he`s so
So now we got the whole future figured out,poor kids.