The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-08-01 15:17:42 (UTC)

I think I just need to relax

Ive been way to uptight since I got dumped. I just need to
let go and have fun. Its a lot better then holding on to
something I cant have. I talked to Tricia last night and I
think it really helped. She said just because we arent
going out doesnt me we cant still talk and she still wants
to be friends. I think friends will work out nicely cause
it really just helped to talk instead of just sorta being
afraid to say anything to eachother. I know that was my
problem. I was scared to talk to her cause i thought she
would like jump down my throat and chew me out or
something. Well Im just gonna live my life for now and not
let other people tell me to do. Im gonna calm down and let
what happens happen. Its not worth being a cynical bastard
that hates the world. Or a jealous one for that matter.