American Spirit
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2001-07-07 17:35:08 (UTC)

Little pieces

I am not one to write long entries on line. I have
greatness inside me after this rollercoaster ride. Getting
more money then losing it then getting it again. My loves
both of them. one resting beside me every night the other
one is not here. i would lock them both in my scary closet
and i would live content. I have cable now and it is a
trip. I am swimming in pleasure of holding and feeling and
waiting for my other love to come home again. I just wish
it weren't the short time it is going to be. Soon i will
get to shoot more pictures and maybe have more for my
wall. I am content with those i have and i do not need
more of people who do not need me. And maybe there is more
to say. I don't know.

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