my love war..enter if you dare, but help
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2001-01-10 12:12:02 (UTC)

i know im jumping from subject..

i know im jumping from subject to subject....but i will get
back to all that stuff later...i start school this
morning..i am kinda dreading it but the main part is over
cuz it was just the waking up part....i think i will come
home after i go to steffis and take me a nap..i dunno...i
kinda wanna hang with andrea...

my head is all in knots right now..i dunno what i am going
to do with kevin..i really like him a whole lot...but yet
he says he dont knwo what he wants..so i need to just move
on and find another guy..but i dont want another guy..he is
everything i have always wanted in a guy....he is the world
to me..my mom is accepting the fact that i like kevin a
black guy..what do i do?

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