I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-08-01 06:19:32 (UTC)


It's late. 2:13 am EST, to be exact. I'm burning CDs for
TJ. He's leaving in about 4 hours. I have to make a Greek
dish by 2:00 this afternoon.

Wrote an email to Pete. I'm tired of waiting for him to be
ready to talk to me. If he doesn't want to, then fine, but
just tell me that he doesn't want anything to do with me.
I think I deserve at least that.

Chris is with friends until Sunday and will be
incommunicado. *sigh* That sucks majorly. I have a slight
headache, and my favorite pair of pajama pants ripped. I
do have to take my father to work in the morning, early,
like 8ish, so that means that I will be able to treat
myself to breakfast at BK. I don't do that often at all,
but I'm sad and don't care at the moment. It's terrible
for you, but it's finals and this Pete stuff and the fact
that I can't talk to Chris means that I will. So there.

I know that I am a big beliver in hope, that there is
always hope for things, be it love, money, jobs, school,
etc., but that complete and utter faith in hope is
starting to waiver. Pray to the job god for me...

Night all.