Cute Chaos

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2002-08-01 06:05:43 (UTC)


Well, I want to start writing about my life and my friends.
I think I will start with my friends. First up is Wally
because I have been talking about him a lot.

I meet Wally last summer with my ex friend Stacy. He had
moved in across the street from California. He was out
riding his bike and we asked him if he wanted to play
football with us. I felt bad because Stacy made a really
rude comment to him about his teeth. I don't really
remember. I could tell that he was really shy and I felt
like I needed to bust that. So I was just loud and goofy.
We played football and I killed his shoulder or face or
something but it was a lot of. That night we hung out in
the drive way. Same with the next few nights. Just talking.
It was cool. I had a crush on him but after I got to know
him better we become friends. I meet his brother MikeyO,
but that is another story.

At first with Wally it was all fun and games. We horsed
around and joked with him a lot. But when I would be over
at his house and he would be mad or just leave I knew there
was something else going on inside his world. I wanted to
know what. I am glad that I do know now about Tre and about
what is going on with him. Although in a way I wish it was
just like before. I found out that making fun of him was
hurting his feelings. I never knew that I just thought it
was all horsing around. I also found out that he had a crush on me. I
don't know how things with him is going to turn out. I just
hope that everything is cool and that we always stay