rundari's endless ranting
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2001-07-07 14:57:33 (UTC)

i must be crazy

it's 9:27 am,do you know where your children are? you lousy for once i didnt get up to a-father poking me,b-
mother screaming at me,or c-falling out of bed in fright
because one of my jackass friends thought it would b funny
to call me at 3 in the morning.actually,i got up from
either a-dog biting me,b-cat biting me(hate cats),or c-one
of my jackass friends thinking it would be funny to call me
at 7 in the morning.cant what do i do? watch
the tube for a while.
'dari-*turns on tv*
'dari-oh no..*turns channel*
tv-today on sewing pretty lace in a country garden with
some old chick...
'dari-ACK!!*turns channel*
tv-but minnie,i had to sleep with donald!i-
'dari-wait a minute*rubs eyes and listens more closly*
tv-thats right pluto,we're going on a camping trip!
'dari-knew it was too good to be true..*flips off tv and
goes to the computer*
i hate saturdays.the one thing worse than a saturday is a
sunday and the one thing worse than a sunday is a
monday.bleh.let's see...none of my friends are online and i
dont want to talk on them on the phone because ill make an
ass of myself(stupid speech impediment,people say they cant
notice it but im still really self concious about
it).anyway,im in the middle of making a virus to send to
one of my friends,nothing bad,but when they turn on the
computer,bart simpson pops up and moons them.wish i were
good at computer stuff,lol.but i have to have a friend help
me.well,i have to take care of the neighbors animals now,

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