Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2001-01-10 10:44:36 (UTC)

So what else happened over the..

So what else happened over the hols? Well I've eaten so
much I feel like I've stepped back into my old hindenburg
days. Bob knows what I mean.

I've got an exam on Friday which I'm scared about! I've
sort of revised but I think I'm going to fail!

I've been having doubts about Chris. I don't know how I
feel about him anymore. I'm wondering if we're just
together for being with someone. I don't even know how he
feels about me either. Oh well.

94 days til cbay!!! Well, until Easter and I'll meet up
with all my friends! Can't wait!

Oh, I dyed my hair purple over the hols, the whole bathroom
went purple too, my dad was NOT impressed! It's sort of
washed out now which is cool, it was very bright!

Steve just came in and sniffed me. I read his diary and he
misses me. Nice to know someone cares...

I'm spending way too much money at the mo, I can't afford

There's a nice blike who works in a shop round the corner
from me. I duno what to do! I'm guna go in there and buy
something and hopefully talk to him, but I duno what to
say! I'm crap at these things!!

Must go,


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