Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-08-01 04:57:01 (UTC)

BEBS FOREVA!! Same as 29 year old hot married hockey players!

Allo..Ohh man Im so bored. Im babysitting right now..am
until Friday but oh well. Money right?!?
Last night Doug came and picked me, Kora, Rachael and Blair
up to go and watch roller hockey. It was fun and there were
alot of hot guys there. There was one that stuck out
though. Dave...hes 29 and married lol but me and Kora want
to jump on him. hehehe:) He asked Kora to do a few things
while Blair, Rachael and I went to Dq....So I think she
scored a few points with her! Oh well. He offered us beer
after the game but we left straight away because we were
giving Chris a ride home. Hes 16 and has a gf..but Kora has
this mission to brake em up lol. Wut a gurl. Oh well she
deserves him more then that other girl. Hes a cutie
though..but very quiet. The ride home was interesting.
Noone was really talking. I guess everyone had stuff on
their minds to think about. I know all I could really think
about was sleeping. And the night before I told Doug that I
just wanted to be friends so that kinda made things abit
awkard. When we were driving I was going to grab his hand
and then put my head on his shoulder but I didnt know how
he would react. When I got home I was talking to him on the
internet and he said that he was thinking about grabbing my
hand but he didnt think I would want to. Kinda funny how we
were both thinking about that. I have no idea what is going
to happen with him. Who knows...right at the moment I dont
really want a boyfriend. I dont want to do something
stupid. Its summer and Im always out with
friends...drinking and wut not. And sometimes shit happens
and I dont want to hurt him. So for the moment I think
staying single is probably my best option. Hes so sweet
though. He got me roses but he forgot to bring them with
him when he came and got us yesterday. And he said the red
clashes with his room so the only thing he could do was
drive up and give them to the person he bought them for. I
was like awwww ur so cute:)
Hahahaa but yeah Im kinda just blabbing on and on..and I
have a few things I need to do...and I have to go check on
the girl im taking care of.
Write in here lata


Ps...BEBS RULE!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOO:) hey kora?