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2002-08-01 04:48:41 (UTC)

July 31, 2002 A Day In the House

Well today was pretty dull. Home all day. Nothing to do.
The only thing i really can think of doing is, going
online, feeding the birds, and going outside for a little
bit to pet this cat that just came to visit us. How sweet!
yest a very nice cat! We think it's a girl cuz of the way
she acts. Oh well, anything is good enough for me. I have 2
birds and 1 cat. i guess 2 cats now! One is Black. HIS name
is jacky. the first thing that came to mind was BlackJack.
but that was a little to hard to say for the younger
people! Like my sister! Actually my sister is older then
me, but i was (i think) too young to talk (like 2) when we
got my lil old pal! The other cat, i just call it fatty!
because it has a lot of fur and it's pretty fat! it always
eats. it's always asking for food. now the birds! Cookie
and K.C. K.C the boy and Cookie the girl. I went on
vacation to go vivsit my cousins, and they told me Cookie
laid three (3) eggs! I was suprised. i really wanted to see
them. LUCKY ME! she just laid one today! They are such lil
eggs! Lil Cuties! lol. Well. i have a brother and a sister!
Brothers name: Gabriel. (he likes to be called Gabe) and
sister: Tamar! (people call her tdawg!) Well, i have
nothing really else to say! email me if you want to
actually get to know me in chat. [email protected]

My aol (aol instant messenger) screen name xxlilredboixx

Also my other screen names are: moondancer1212 and

Writing (hopefully) every day!