The Basement
2002-08-01 04:32:12 (UTC)



I'm officially dead now...Its weird ya kno?
When I got my ass kicked last night i dun feel anything
anymore... i just felt...empty.
My mom is turning up her power on calling me a homo and
faggot now. I just ignore her and that makes her even
madder heh heh...
She bitches about what I wear, what I eat, what I drink,
where I go, what I do, how I dress, how I walk...
I'm a prisoner in my own body.
She yells about how I should just get a sex change becuz I
dress like a guy. Ya know, I dun think that'll be too bad.
Atleast she can stop bitchin about how much I'm like a guy.
My dad threw a calculator at me today becuz I didn't get 3
problems right on my math. I got a bruise coverin half my
shoulder right now.
I think I've lost my mind. lolz (ya soshla S uma) heh heh
cool video by Tatu.

I laugh when you cause me pain,
I'm already empty inside.
Mommy took my self-esteem,
daddy took my faith.
My friends took my trust,
my sister took my game.
I've nothing left now,
so hurt me all you can.
just happy I lost the most important part,
happy I lost my heart to you.
People say wait for good things in life,
I'm sorry but my patience is wearing thin,
Its all gonna end tonight.
I still have tears to cry,
You'd think crying my whole life,
would wear me dry,
I guess I finally got back up on something.
They beat me with a stick at 2,
just to show me obedience.
They beat me with rulers at 6,
just to show me punishment.
They beat me with words now,
just to tell me I'm always wrong.
But guess what?
I dont care no more.
Something good happened in my life,
that something was you.
The closest to a friend I ever had,
the closest to heaven I'll ever feel.
You stole my heart,
thank you for that.
Thank you for giving me a break,
Thank you for being real.

Love you J.Thank you.

okay....that was sorta weird... was drinking so badly I
passed out last night.My parents got sooooo fukking pissed
it wasn't even funny.Its amazing I lived so long without
hanging myself.Child abuse is an ugly thing, my life is

logging off now. laterz.


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