Full of Secrets
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2002-08-01 04:04:57 (UTC)


Hey. I went to the movies today. I saw Austin Powers in
Gold Member. It was pretty funny. The best part was sitting
next to Andrew. It wasn't a date, Jared was there too and
Andrew's sister and her friends (but they were sitting
acouple seats infront of us and a row over). I wanted so
bad to take his hand and hold it in mind but I didn't. I
can't wait tell school starts back. I want to see all my friends!
I've only seen acouple of them since school let out. I'm going
to the Great Escape on Monday. Deana (one of my best
friends) is sleeping over on Sunday and we're going with my
youth group. I hope it's going to be fun. Then on the 16th
through the 17th we have our annual Church lock-in. It's
going to be fun. I was going to ask Andrew to come but my
parents are picking me up and going from the church to my
aunt's house. So I can put a big red X on that. But oh
well. Then we're coming back on Thursday and on Friday I'm
going to Mandy's (A girl in my church) camp, and coming
back on Monday. Then I'm going shopping! For school of

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