nobody cares
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2002-08-01 03:42:08 (UTC)

cant believe it

i cant beleive guys sometimes. isnt it wierd how when u
like a guy.. and it doesnt even have to be a guy like ok
lets say this... dont u hate it when u like someone so much
that u could cry because u cant be with them because of ur
stupid parents and u want to kill them for that ahhim
getting caried away. one more time.

dont u hate it when u like someone so much and they dont
like u in return like that but they do know how much u like
them and then they go and tell u that they "think" they
have a gild friend. it really pisses me off!!! then u
finaly realise y they've been all wierd around u for a
little while although they know that u get jelopus over
those things they still do it and even if u dont get jelous
they still make u fell bad inside.
well day one of my try to escape all my problems lasted up
to about dinner time today when i wanted to do something
good for myself by helping my brother which trned into a
disater because first of all he didnt want to do anything
but just sit and watch tv so i decided to sit with him and
then shows came on tv about relationships and then this
corny show about "pretty white people with problems" on mad
tv sorry dj. all all that crap but anyways later on is when
it really took a toll because my mother asked me so they
try to get a hold of u and i told her the story and there i
almost broke down crying but i was strong. i know that shes
a bitch and being so snobby right now but u have to think
she was my only best friend for close to 7 years and
although i knew she had more than one best friend she was
my only one and now it feels like a small part of me died
when we had the huge fight. but this fight wasnt like a
normal fight that we would have because she started going
into my personal life and where she use to be supportive
she turned it against me and i just had to sit there and
take it and try to think of what "miss perfet" ever done
wrong but she didnt care
and really i say to hell with that bitch i dont need
someone like that to bring me down especialy when my life
is complicaed enough.
anyways i should go because i have to spend most of
tommorow on the train up to my cousins house and then up
there i wont get very much sleep i know that.

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