Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-08-01 03:41:36 (UTC)

Well i am back from the HOSPITAL......

Well my little fairys...

Where should i start?....

Well ok last 2 sundays ago i got serverly depressed to no
end i was at the end of my short rope that was already on
fire.... I was told that i needed to find a new place to
live Wahhh.... And well becos of this fact i dont know many
people and the ones i do know well they umm dont have room
for me in there one room apartment.....

Well anyways i got up about 5 in the morning sunday and
well i thought how death would be sooooo much better than
what i was feeling *aka* panic attack..... Well so i went
to my bath room and got a straight razor and went outside
to sit under my fav tree..... in the cemetary up the street
about an 10 min walk.. or about 30 mins if you are as fat
as me...... well as i get there and sit under the tree i
afectnetly call bob... I take out my razor and stare at it
until 8 oclock in the morning cry and reavalueating my
life... well becos my roomate new i was missing..

ill have to write more later all im warn out tonight....
Love Mista....

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