2002-08-01 02:19:18 (UTC)

Special Treat

We had a special treat for dinner tonight--T-bone steak.
It's been many years since we've had a good steak. Thinking
back it must have been when we had Buckwheat and Betty Boop
and they were butchered a good fifteen years ago. We weighed
the meat when we got home with it and it came to about $2 a
pound. About half is ground beef and the rest is steaks and
roasts. I asked for one five pound prime rib roast--that's
for New Year's Dinner.

We went to the bookstore in Salem too but, unusual for us,
we didn't find a thing we wanted. The drive was beautiful
except for what a brief traffic tie-up due to something with
the natural gas line and later, what appeared to be a car
engine fire on the other side of the freeway which caused a
huge problem for the north-bound traffic. Happily, we were
heading south.

The weather is supposed to begin cooling down a bit and I
heard there may even be a little rain by the week-end. We
could use the rain.

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