One Day
2001-01-10 09:13:59 (UTC)

Okay, here is the scenerio. My..

Okay, here is the scenerio. My parents, my brother, his
wife(she is VERY pregnant) and stepson, me, Valerie, and
my "wife" all live in one house. The problem: other than
the above stated :), my mother has a strong preference for
my brother and his family. I wish I could say that it's as
simple as because I'm a lesbian that creates problems. It
doesn't. My family could care less at this point. They
all say, "As long as you're happy." Well, I don't quite
think that's the case either. My mother is just down right
rude to my wife. She favours my sister-in-law
tremendously. See, my family has never had faith in me to
do what was good for me. Actually, I don't think they know
that I have enough brains in my head to do such!! Everyone
my brother picks is "absolutely wonderful" in my mothers
eyes. Some were good, and some weren't shit. Me, I've
made some bad choices... but this one, my wife... she's the
best thing since sliced bread and spreadable peanut
butter. But, I digress! I'll get back to this later.
It's not making any since.