Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-07 09:12:32 (UTC)

Friday July 6,2001

*Time: 3:22am hehe so its the 7th so what... i'm writin
what happened on the 6th
*Wearing: My silk bear and hearts pjs
Jewelry: My nugget ring, my cross ring, my 3 bracelets,
and my cross neckless
*Hair: Up in like a bun with like 5 hair ties lol
*Listenin to : Nothing
*Eating/Drinkin: Pepsi/ham sandwish and chips
*Song of the day : Nice and Slow-Usher
*Weather: Its dark and sorta cool like 68 degrees maybe
less earlier today it was sunny and sorta warm
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: Happy
*Thinking: Umm.. its odd it seems like I have a LOT of bi-
sexual female friends(could this be a sign?¿)... and why do
all guys think bout sex?¿ Answer me that one.. lol also...
this is my second time doing this entry... cuz AOL is bein
a bitch and kicked me off... and I was almost done... damn

Well I set my pager alarm to wake me up at 12:00am... So I
could call Adrian... I ended up gettin up at 12:20am... I
got online for a few minutes while I waited for my voice to
get that "just got up" sound out of it... I signed off...
and I was like well should I call him... or should I
wait... I asked my mom what I should do and she was like...
call him.. so I did... and this guy with this sorta cute
soundin voice answered... I was like please let this be
him.. and I asked for Adrian.. well the guy was like.. He's
speaking... I was like ohh this is Helena.. u know from
online... he was like yeah... so we were talking... and
sumhow we got onto the subject of sex... It wasn't me who
started to talk bout it.. it was him... ::Sings to
herself... It wasn't me::: lol I tell u... that boy had me
turned on within 10 minutes... hehe and all he had to talk
bout was givin me a full body massage...he was sayin how he
was really good with his hands... and how he has this book
that shows u how to give massages.. (naked ones hehe) We
didn't have phone sex... but I was soo tempted to... but I
didn't... hehe I'm soo proud of myself... We talked for
like 3 hours... and I guess he wants to meet me
tomorrow.... but I dunno if we will... I mean what will I
do if he starts to talk dirty to me in person?¿ lol nah he
isn't that bad.. actually besides from him talkin bout
that... he seems like he would be one of them caring,
understanding, and lovin boyfriends... and what amases me
most bout him.. is that he is 18 and is still a
virgin...and hasn't really had a gurlfriend... He also
would like to talk to my mom... don't ask me why... but he
does.. he even when down to where she works to see her and
to be able to talk to her... but she was already closed...
I mean damn what more can u ask for from a guy... one who
is sooo sweet and is also willing to talk to your parents..
its like a dream come true... lol but like I said I highly
doubt if we will meet tomorrow... but u know me... lol I
might... I gotta think of sumthing quick tho... cuz it is
already tomorrow... lol actually he is supposed to be
callin me in a few hours.. let's see if he does... well
enough bout him... Let me tell u what else I did today...
well after I hung up with him I went downstairs to talk to
Renee... I ended up havin to get ready to go with her,
Chrisy,Chrisy's daugher,and Judy... to go pay Jr's bills...
I didn't mind tho... cuz I think Chrisy is sorta cool...
and Renee is beyond cool... After we paid all the bills...
we went to the Dollar Store to get Chrisy's daugher sum
socks... as me and Chrisy were walkin to the store...
Chrisy started to talk bout how guys act.. and how she is
thinking bout becoming a lesbion... I was like I'm bi.. and
she was like nothing is wrong with that honey... and she
went on to say that Renee has touched her... but she never
touched Renee... I was like yeah I know that cuz Renee told
me... but its so odd how it seems like a lot of gurls are
going for gurls... I guess it is cuz guys treat us like
shit... and we figure that a gurl would treat us
better...We got the socks and headed back to my house to
wait for gram to bring back our new black,blue,and white
Nike air shoes to us... cuz a friend of hers had got them
from a wearhouse.. and was sellin them to my gram for 20
dollars!! Hehe they r nice shoes... and I think most of my
family will be walkin around in the exact same pair of
shoes... I know I love both pair of mine hehe lol but
anyway... while we were waitin I went upstairs to call
Andria and tell her to come by my house cuz Renee was there
with the pager she wanted to buy.. so she was like aight
I'll be on my way.. and we hung up... So I went back
downstairs to wait for her to come...and when she pulled up
I went to her car.. gave her the pager.. and was like don't
let Chrisy see... cuz this is her pager.. and she don't
know Renee is sellin it.. Andria was like ok.. and she put
the pager in the car.. and came out to say hi to my aunt
and everyone else that was outside... and before she left
she hugged me and told me she loves me (hehe Hele feels
loved) and she left... I tell u... she is like the only
gurl that has turned me on as much as a guy can... she
doesn't know I'm attracted to her in that way... but I
could never do anything with her.. cuz she is like my
sister... and she even tells me that I'm like her sister
and how she wouldn't do anything with me... but I dunno
maybe she likes me... hehe but anywho.... not to long after
Andria left... gram pulled up... and she was talkin to
Renee and Melvin... then I guess Renee told gram she wanted
2 more pairs of them shoes for Joe and Justin... so me and
gram left to go to Jessie's to see if they had the sizes we
needed... they didn't but I guess they will have them next
week... We left from there... went to get sumthing to
eat... stopped by to see my mom and get sum gas...and then
we went to Renee's house... I got out of the car and went
inside so I could talk to Renee and Chrisy... then Renee
came outside... and me, her, and gram when to get sum ice
cream... and drove by the drop boxes (damn I hate them
things) thank god they were empty tho lol.... we when back
to Renee's to drop her off... Just as we were pullin up
Justin was comin home.. so before we left I hugged him...
but he was sooo sweaty.. I was like eww I'm wet... lol I
also hugged Renee... then we left and headed back to my
mom's gas station... As soon as I walked in.. my mom was
like guess what... I was like what... she goes... Mostafa
called our house... David answered... Mostafa asked if
David was my brother... and David said no I'm her
husband...see the bad thing bout that is my mom told
Mostafa she wasn't married... and I guess the guy is
totally in love with her... lol I tell ya she has luck like
me... I have no clue what is up between them 2 now.. I
guess I will find out tho huh... lol...on our(my gram and
me) way home from the gas station.. I decided to call
Krystal from my uncle's cell phone...to wish her a late 4th
of July... we talked for a few minutes... and she told me
to call her tomororw... so I guess I will... lol I also
tired to call Jack but all I got was his voice mail... so
either his cell phone was shut off... or he didn't answer
it cuz he knew it was me I dunno... maybe I will get to
talk to him later... before we went home.. I went into
David's gas station to get sum pop... and we were on our
way home... well we saw David walkin to work.. so my gram
picked him up and took him the rest of the way.. which is
odd cuz she like hates the poor man.. I think she is sick
lol... but anyway... I got home put on sum music... got
online read sum mail... and started to send pics to this
gurl who reads my diary all the time... she is really
cool :) :) While I was sendin her pics... Adrian got
online.. and was talkin to me... and I sent him my pic... I
guess he liked it... cuz he still wants to meet me.. but he
wants to come to my house to meet me... yeah right I can
see that happenin we both would be killed... lol I gotta
think of sumwhere else we could meet wish me luck cux I
surly need it... lol Well... I think that is bout all for
now... its startin to thunder and rain outside so I guess I
will go and enjoy that while it is happening...I hope I
remembered to put everything... cuz when aol kicked me
off.. I got pissed and was cryin and shit.... so I will
read this over and see if I forgot anything... I will catch
ya later bye bye 4 now