Is there life out there?
2001-07-07 09:07:17 (UTC)

Sometimes ......

Sometimes ...... I find myself clawing at the walls that
surround my life. Desperately trying to find my way to the
other side.
Sometimes..... I wish that I wouldn't even wake up anymore.
So tired of fighting to survive... and for what?
Sometimes..... I cry. I feel the weight of the world on my
shoulders and all the things that are wrong... the ones
that can't be fixed, I am somehow responsible for them.
Sometimes ....
Sometimes, I wonder why I try. What people want from me.
Sometimes I try to please everyone at once, never stopping
to think what it is that makes me happy ....

But then.....

I see the most gorgeous sunset and it reminds me how little
we are in this world.... How infinite the rest is.

And sometimes.... when I least expect it .... something
will make me smile.
And sometimes .... when I feel like life is too much, that
I can't take anymore, a friend will take me by the hand ..
lead me ..... guide me and remind me why we are all here ...