Dizzy (SickLid)

tha demented DZA
2001-07-07 07:12:00 (UTC)

how to pronounce my *DZA*

For anyone who happens to
a) stumble upon my diary
b) know me & want to know what
i've got to say to the peeps
on the net
c) wants to figure out what the FUCK 'DZA' is...

DZA (diz-uh) is a take-off of the names of
2 of the most talented members of WU-TANG CLAN
(RZA/GZA). And just like RZA is short for Rakim,
& GZA short for Genius, DZA is short for Dizzilla -
which is where Dizzy comes from.
anyway, i remember when i was illiterate to the ways
of the WU, and i thought those names were SO STUPID!
i used to always pick up the cds & ask myself how to pronounce those names. and that's why i am explaining
it here; to save any confusion.
that's all.