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2001-07-07 07:05:22 (UTC)

poetry for my hottie

to luis:
writing how i am feeling,
cause your causing me so much pain,
if i told you how i felt,
would you feel the same,
if only you could understand ,
all the stuff that i had planned,
i wonder if you'd you love me too,
or at least how i love you,
theres so many things i wish i could tell you,
but everytime i try to,
my voice seems to fail me,
tryin to get over you as hard as i can,
but it anit easy,
cause it wasnt part of my plan,
sometimes you feel like my dream come true,
i really feel this way when i am without you,
i wanna have you as my friend,
but after all this will it still stand?,
i wanna have you my way,
but it seems like i am not,
maybe i will someday,
i wanna make this work,
but all you wanna do it flirt,
i dont wanna sound like a jerk,
but its the truth,
does it hurt?,
well it hurts me,
but i am feelin all the pain,
i just wish you felt the same,
if you dont want me just let me know,
becuase if you dont,
i just wanna know,
i just wanna be with you,
and i hope you feel the same,
cause i dont wanna play no little ass games@@@@

to my baby luis
kristal stagner