2002-07-31 22:21:45 (UTC)

sleeping beauty...

delusional, i believe i can cure it all for you dear,
coax or trick or drive or drag the demons from you,
make it right for you, sleeping beauty,
truly thought i could magically heal you.

drunk on ego,
truly thought i could make it right,
if i kissed you one more time to help you face the
but you're far too poisoned for me,
such a fool to think that i can wake you from your slumber,
that i could actually heal you...

sleeping beauty,
poisoned and hopeless,
you're far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
failing miserably to find a way to comfort you

poisoned and hopeless
sleeping beauty...

but just momentarily, with him i am healed, i am fixed...
until he's gone, until i have to go home, until then
everything is more than okay, everything is perfect and a
dream and i love him more every single day..
but its coming. i know. even me, i cant take this. i
wont. of course i believe that he doesnt love her. i
never really believed that he did. but we will see,
saturday, how it is... soon im going to have to tell him
to make a choice. i cant be second. i cant even be first
in a group of more than one.

but god how alive i feel when im with him.