Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
2002-07-31 22:13:59 (UTC)

Hockey and 29yr olds

Well last night Doug came and picked up me, blair, Katie,
and Rachael and took us to the next town (like half an hour
away) and we watched a hockey game. There is this really
hot married 29yr old. Damn he's gorgeous. Very attractive
for an older man. (He could ram it home if he wanted to!!)
Anyways, while Katie, Rachael and Blair went to Dairy Queen
I stayed to watch the game and he asked me to refill his
water bottle. So I went into their changeroom and did that
and when I went to give it back to him I couldn't see him
anywhere. So I went over to their team's bench and I had to
walk in front of two guys to give it to him (oh i'd give it
to him alright!!) and the first guy I was passing asked if
it was for him. I was kinda scared!! haha But I gave it to
Dave (the hottie) and when I was walking away I heard the
other guy ask how he did that..and Dave said it was because
he was cute.. then the guy says "so's she" haha it was
funny... but really creepy because he was like 30ish (maybe
older) and I'm 16. Then Dave got me to go in the changeroom
again and grab him some paper towel. (And Chris the 16yr
old with a gf..for now at least.. was in there.)When I came
back the guy that called me a cutie asked me if it'd be
alright if he said he loved me. I didn't even know what to
say to that. It was sooooooooo creepy! Dave said I was a
HAPPINESS*) Katie and Rachael came back from Dairy Queen
and Rachael brought me ice cream (I was only joking when I
asked her but it was really sweet of her)and I was sitting
there eating it and the guys were all taking a lil break so
Dave asked me for a bite of my ice cream and all I could
think about was "damn that means he's sucked on my spoon...
oooooh baby!!! wahoo" It was impressive! Then when the game
was over he offered us each a beer (because he said he had
more than enough for everyone)but we were leaving right
away. We gave Chris a ride home and I tried talking to
him..but we're both really shy!! (which really
sucks..grrr..) Nathan told me last night that he thinks
it's cute when I write grrrr over msn.. hahah it was a
funny conversation. Anyways I think I'm gonna go. Gonna
watch gone in sixty seconds..(Again) Later.