Kristal Stagner

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2001-07-07 06:52:52 (UTC)

6/asdfa/ sad story

today i called luis when he got off work like at 10:00pm.
well i called him and he was talking and shit. then he goes
who is over there. i told him shanna and tiffany and
mitchell. he didnt say much about them. well he called back
cause his cell phone cut out at the academy bridge. and he
goes what are you doing? i go " talking to shanna and
tiffany and mitchell and serjo" he goes" serjo? he goes
well i anit coming over tonite. i was pissed then. he acted
like he was mad. it hurt me so bad cause were not even
going out and i have made him mad. so i went and cried to
mitchell who is luis's bestfriend. (all nite he has been
trying to put the moves on me) anyways, and he called luis,
and luis said that' we were never gonna go out cause i am
guys at my house to much. and well hes mex. so i guess that
explains it. well anyways, i just have alot of guy friends.
and i wish he'd understand that. a few days ago i wrote
luis and told him that i was over him and thanks for being
a good friend to me. i didnt know how to explain it to him
but in the letter it did. i still really love him. he was
my first love. he means so much to me.i wish he would
understand that. and i would do anything for him. but when
he decided he wasnt going to come over. i was like
whatever. and just started flirting with mitchell. i know
thats bad cause its one of my really good friends ex and
shes still loves him. but i got to get me some. i mean if
it anit gonna be luis than ithas to be someone. oh yeah and
cody p broke up with jacee and jacee is blaming it on me.
shes telling everyone that were goign out now. which were
not. me and cody are just good friends. see having alot of
guy friends cause to many problems for me.well i am gonna
go if anyone can help me write me