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Celtic ramblings
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2002-07-31 21:51:30 (UTC)

Africa Dream

I had a dream last night that I was living in a small
village in Africa. It started out in the marketplace, where
there was a drive-by, and they trashed a lot of stands and
killed some people. Then a bunch of soldiers came who
seemed to be in charge of everything, and they blamed us for
what happened, and to punish us they tied us all up in front
of a wall and were going to burn us. The leader looked like
Gary Oldman, and I guess I begged him to spare my little
sister Rachel, so he said wash her off and take her to my
room. I went to go do that and then I can't really remember
if I told her to run, or I was just glad that she wasn't
going to be burned. All of a sudden I was back with the
people who were going to be burned, and I remember thinking
it was hot( I was on the edge ) also everyone was white.
Then there was this huge Lion named Sangassi that jumped out
of the grass, and started to attack people. Even though I
know that they were burning us to feed to the Lion, for some
reason they took us all to the middle of the jungle.
Everyone was happy that they were in the jungle, and acted
like they were on vacation. They were jumping into the
water, swinging on rope vines, but me and a couple other
girls wanted to escape. So we got on these floating logs,
and at first we were on top of them acting like we were
playing, but then we slipped under them, and we held on to
them as we floated down the stream. Occasionally we stuck
our heads up to breathe, but I guess we were spotted by some
other people, so we pretended we were just fooling around
and joined them on what looked like a buoy, like the big
ones in the middle of the ocean. They were all jumping off
of it, but I didn't want to because the water looked evil,
like there was something down there. I'm deathly afraid of
snakes. But I told myself it was silly, and I jumped and
grabbed on to the log, then the logs turned into snakes.
The next thing I knew we were all in this house in the trees
with big glass windows, and they were nailing us inside.
And then Sangassi the lion came before they could set fire
to the house, and ate all the white people, except for me.