Shared Guy Rants
2001-07-07 06:47:05 (UTC)

begining w/ Brett

Well I guess I'll begin the first entry of the
ModsyChrissy's guy rants! I'm Mod. Anyway what to say?
hmmm... well I'm seeing a guy named Brett. He is
completely out of my league or at least in my eyes but
Christine said he liked me. Which is awsome because I'm not
complaining, believe me. If u ever saw him, he's
gorgeous! Bleach blonde spikey hair, tanned, nice build ,
green eyes, he's my perfect height! I'm short but he's
taller than I am in heels which is a bonus. He can be a
Casanova when eh wants to be. He can be romantic, he took
me to the docks under the stars on our first date. Very
romantic. He has a nice personality. My step mom loves
him because he's polite. He asked her if I could go on a
date with him before he asked me to go on the date with
him. My dad calls him, Mr. Cute. (there's a story behind
that.....See a long time ago when I was in this heap of
mess with my parents over my ex, Blaize(also Christine's
ex) My parents went to a psychic. The psychic told
them "Don't worry about Blaize, Worry about Mr. Cute.") My
dad doesn't like him because he drinks. But if he only
knew that he also smoked, I'd neevr be able to see him
again. Not only that I'm not into that smoking thing
because it reminds me of my mom's b/f and i don't like him!
i feel he is a male schovinistic pig that treats my mom
like crap but whatever. My dad also thinks Brett's overly
confident. Which is interesting becuase he kind of is. He
has no worries, regrets or fears. He kind of scares me
because he's a little too wild for me. I'm very low key
compared to him. I love to have fun but not when I can get
in trouble or if it involves smoking and getting high.
Drinking I odn't mind. It happens at every family
function, so that 's all good. But i really like Brett.
Maybe it'll be different when we (if we) become b/f &g/f.
I don't want to be in denial so I am keeping my eyes open
for any tricks he might play. BUt i'm also not going to
let him go easily. But i'm also not going to wait for three
months and still be "seeing" eachother. Basicly I have to
talk to him and work it out. I just don't want to sound
like a pain and a nag. What guy wants that?

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