Punk Rock Princess

.:* N i k k i *:.
2002-07-31 20:29:08 (UTC)

Car Broke Down!

Hm. Alot has happened since ... two days ago. I went
shopping with Ryan and got some phat baby blue cordoroy
pants, LEI jeans, and a white tee. We got a kitten at the
mall too and it is the cutest lil thing on the face of the
earth. I want to name her Cheech but Jeff and Ryan prefer
something else. :/ Anyway, last night she slept in my arms
with me and when I woke up, I woke up to hearing her purr
in her sleep. Aww. ;.; She's my baby. She's in my lap right
now sleeping once again. Well, today I tried to wake up
Jeff a million times to go out and do something but he said
his stomach was hurting again and wanted more time to sleep
[like always]. Finally after about 3-4 hours, we got up and
went out to Carribean Connection to get tickets for the
Warped Tour and god, was it hot outside. Well, we got there
and ... we forgot his charge card. So we drove back to the
house sweating [he has no ac] and went back to the store.
We got the tickets and Jeff got a phat blue and silver
watch. Well me and him were kinda thirsty and hungry so we
stopped by Panera Bread. Yum. We got food to go [I got my
normal turkey sandwich and chips] and then we hopped in the
car.. but.. it didn't start. OMG. Lol. So we went back
inside, ate, and Jeff got up while I was still eating and
called his roommate and told him that they are gonna be
late to work. Well, the car ended up starting and they
raced to work.. about 10 minutes ago. They should be on
time knowing the way Jeff drives. :D So here I am once
again with my little furry friend Cheech. :) ::Sigh.::

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