How i lost 8 pounds in 5 days
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2001-07-07 05:52:21 (UTC)

Day One

When I started my diet it was really hard. I had to stop
eating all of those fating foods we Americans call snacks.
I did no exercise. I ate simple but good foods like eggs,
bacon, ham, cheese, hambuger steaks, ribey steaks,
greenbeans, and on and on. You just have to stay away from
all those foods that have CARBOHYDRATES! You can, however,
have twenty a day. That does not mean that you have
to eat 15 to twenty. You can also eat none. I was 205
pounds. I now weight 198 pounds. I want to get down to 135.
I really would consider this diet for anyone who wants to
lose weight. I am 15 years old i was tired of having to buy
my cloths out of the plus size department. If you are used
to eating CARBS you will not need them after a while. If
you would like more info just e-mail me at:
[email protected] I am always happy to help. I will
get back to you as soon as posible.

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