Amy Kam

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2002-07-31 19:25:35 (UTC)


I am having my lunch now but I have almost finished it.....
I AM STIL HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONNO WHY!!!

I tried to find Diana and Cindy's diary, but I couldn't
remember the URL....OH WELL! But anyway, Diana's page is
always dedicated to the pure water boy only, so I might as
well just leave them a little private space to communicate
thru the web!!! OH WELL!

Cindy is NOT online again.... NO ONE IS ACTUALLY PLAYING
ICQ and i am so bored now!!!!!!!!

I am so nosy about the story of tail boy... I slept so
early yesterday and donno what EXACTLY happened...OH WELL!!!

Christine's wedding is coming soon.... I am kinda nervous
now cause I donno how I look on PINK dress..... OH MY GOD,
like a FAT BARBIE!!!!!!!!!