All In A Day's Work
2001-07-07 05:36:41 (UTC)

The horse has been buried....

You are probably wondering about the title of my entry.
Well, you see, i have been beating a dead horse.
Meaning...trying to get something back that I want. But
you see, I have put it into perspective and now, I must
attend the funeral of the poor horse I have beaten into the
ground. Things are beginning to look up, for me. I am
looking at the world through a different set of lenses
(maybe that is because I bought two new pairs sunglasses
the other day) I am also learning about the most pure
relationship anyone can ever have, and that is friendship.
Sometimes you come accross a person that you can totally
let loose with and have no inhibitions. Even if you have a
boyfriend/girlfriend, you still have some reservations.
But, in friendship, it doesn't matter how you look or act,
what you say or do. All that matters is that you and that
other person can depend on each other for anything.
Matters of the heart are very delicate issues, and you
can't just talk to anyone about them. Knowing that there
is just one person that cares so much about you that she
doesn't like to see you hurt and tells you so, means the
world. So, to my best friend, I know, I want everyone who
reads this to know that you are:
1. A great listener
2. A wonderful comfort
3. A shoulder to cry on
4. An angel sent to me from God
5. Someone to share my happiest moments with
6. Someone to share my saddest moments with
7. The most beautiful person I know
8. Someone I would be lost without
9. The best roommate a girl could ask for
10. Much more than I can fit into this list.
I hope you all have someone like the person I have in my
life. If you do, find him or her right now and thank them
for the friend you have found in them. If you don't, then
I am sorry for you, because you don;t know what you are
Good night