Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-07-31 18:13:08 (UTC)

Hurray for technology, not hurray for technology thats crap

After I went to bed about 10pm last night, I got up around
10am this morning, not exactly refreshed but it did the
job. Maybe my insomnia is gone, but I doubt it. Went to
Paisley with father. He and Kirsty may be planning to go
to Alton Towers sometime soon, I want to go as well since
its been forever since I've had any fun. But I don't want
to intrude, I'd rather not see random smooching anyway. I
hope they don't actually do that, ever.

I got meself a new camera, or more to the point, my father
did for me. I just wished that at 120 quid, it would have
worked correctly. All it can take is one picture at max
resolution and 6 at low resolution. My father's returning
it sometime in the next couple of days and getting one
thats 20 quid dearer. More is better n my eyes when it
comes to the cost of things. I hope it works correctly.