Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-07-07 05:29:14 (UTC)

So This is What it's Like to Have a Nice Car

I got my car this morning. It brightened my entire day.
Wow... Not that I had a bad car before. It was very cute
and practical, but this one is really sporty and RED while
still being cute and practical. I filled up this morning
and I've traveled 25 miles since then, and the needle has
hardly moved. Awesome gas mileage! SWEET! The
Thunderbird never turned heads. The Eclipse definitely
does, even if it is a '91.

This really gives a boost to my lagging motivation to lose
some weight. A new sexy car needs a new sexy girl to go
with it. ;)

I think I'm really trying hard right now to get the nicest
things I can to make up for the fact that I've never really
had them. I was pretty poor when I was little- when I met
all the people I went to school with for years. Even now,
I know that their opinions of me are somewhat based on what
things were like way back then. I want to make an awesome
first impression on the people I meet in college. Maybe
doing that with nice things is going about it the wrong
way, but it feels nice.

Everything I've bought for college has been bright, trendy,
and stylish, but not necessarily more expensive. And
actually, I do have the money for all of it. My family
isn't extremely well off or anything, but making $6 an hour
at 35 hours a week isn't too bad at all.

Maybe the difference is that I can finally afford nice
things without having to beg my mother for them. I've
always been the one who's been timid to ask for what I
want. But now that I'm the one buying them, I can buy
whatever I want without feeling guilty about taking someone
else's money. I'm still a tight-wad, but I guess that's a
good thing in a way.