shifting mists
2002-07-31 17:51:04 (UTC)

why is it ...

... why is it ... that 50 people - varying from compete strangers to
dear loved ones - can tell me that i'm beautiful ... yet it's the ONE
stranger that says i'm not that i'm more prone to believe? ...

Soul driving down this lonesome road
Somewhere...somewhere someone’s waiting
You’re leaving with a part of me
Stolen...stolen time that once was mine
Precious words we left unheard

... why is it ... that through logic and intellect i KnOW that both
my ex and my father were violent men and that it had nothing to do
with me in particular except that i was fooled by each of their
facades for a while ... but that ... no matter how much i
intellectually know this .. i can still feel like it was all my
fault? ...

Desert me and deceive me but I don’t care
I don’t care anymore
You love me then you leave me but I don’t care
I don’t care anymore

... why is it ... that my dreams of being a housewife and doing
volunteer work instead of making money can seem to my mind completely
acceptable ... and acceptable to my fiancée ... but that, deep
inside, i can still feel ashamed at having them? ...

Hard stepping through the door alone
Somewhere...somewhere someone’s longing
Smiles, someone at the red light smiled
Saved me...saved me from my inner strife
Baby he just saved my life

... why is it ... that through logic and intellect i can convince
myself the truth of a situation ... yet no matter how much i try ...
my feelings will still tell a different story? ...

... how do you convince your emotions they are wrong about
something? ...

Lyrics courtesy of the song ''I Don’t Care'' by Alana Davis.