cOnfEssIOnz Of A blAckApInO
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2002-07-31 17:39:39 (UTC)

The Beginning...July 31, 2002::1:36 p.m.

Okay for all of those just logging into this for the first
time, I am LaQueQue...I decided to get an online diary to
make it easier for the people visiting my website to get to
know me a little better...Since i just created this diary
like five minutes ago, i dont have very much to say right
now...If you want to visit my site, i'll be back with the
address...I can't give it to you now because i didn't
upload it to the internet yet...My ma said that she'd buy
me a domain once she checked it out and she won't check it
out untill i'm done...I'll write again soon with juicier detailz
about my oh so scandalous life...