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2002-07-31 17:34:12 (UTC)

worse night ever

last night was the hardest thing for me after i had read
the email that my so caled best friend sent me she came
online and started bitching me out and was telling me not
to bitch her out. so ya it was a huge fight and now we
arent talking to each other ever again because she tottaly
changed into a bitch that is spoiled rotten nd although she
doesnt like to be let down she told me that its ok for her
to let people down because she said" i cant get whuteva i
want and its not my fault that i have a life" when she told
me that she wanted to do something with me a week ago what
ever then when i was finnaly leaving her alone she started
bitching at me about how she can keep a boy friend longer
than a week not like some people which is tottally the
oposite because her longest relationship was only about a
week and ive had guys for several months before. then i
told her" atleast my boyfriends dont go sqrewwing around on
me bihind my back and i have to find out by my mother that
there doint it with one of there co workers at the store
i didnt say the whole thing but i should of.well i gtg bye

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