The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-07-31 17:05:43 (UTC)

Regrets remind me anyways

I will declare a holiday the night that she turned me away.
Im drowning in my misery it solves everything.
-The Get Up Kids-

Everybody wants to live, some people wait to die. So its
okay to say hello goodnight.
-The Aquabats-

Said but she dont want me so Im giving up again.
-The Scholars-

Cause turning to you is like falling in love when your down.
-Dashboard Confessionals-

What could you ever possibly see in little old three chord

I wish I didnt care, wish I didnt care, but I do.
-Reel Big Fish-

My animosity has got the best of me, its been feedin on a
sadness deep inside of me and that'll fade i pray. And in
time it will I know, so far its fading slow, just one more
thing to say, its oh so sad to say.
-Mighty Mighty Bosstones-

Maybe I can see you on holiday.
-The Get Up Kids-