2001-07-07 05:02:55 (UTC)

Summer sucks

So far my summer has sucked......except for the
whole fact that i met an awesome guy, and i'm able to date
him. that for sure, makes up for much of my summer
struggle. First of all, 3 classes are horrible, and a
terible drag. Plus, alot of my friends are off doing neat
things everyday. Almost every toher day, i could've been
off at an amuesement park, ( six flags), or a concert ( Ozz
fest), or the beach.....adn instead.....where am I/.....oh
yeah......CLASS......what's worse is nobody is my age.
Either in geography, where the're all annoying young little
fucking slut whores, or in el camino, where they're all
around 27 years old, and i'm the annoying little immature
brat. It's soo unfair,and uncool of me to be so unpostiive
and negative about usmmer, but it's SUKCING for me as of
right now.
My, bif, SOOOO sweet. I've never had a
boyfriend be as nice as he is to me. Hmm......* looks off
dreamingly......* mom's yelling at me again.
Pretty sad way to end a night......oh well

I must go

Marching on towards another

w/ lovee for all who

Christine (

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