my life
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2002-07-31 15:39:05 (UTC)

2 day ish July 30...

its a day after my friend's b day~
i followed ma mom to her work to help her out....
then , at the end of the day, i went shopping to an outlet
mall far away...
i got new pair ob shoes...a new wallet...
and 2 pairs of new jeans~
i was so glad to actually find jeans that fit me right..
i think my body isnt proportioned yet,
because none of the pants that i like reallly fit me...
well, i found some today~ ^.^
and not only that, but when i got home around 9 pm...i
went straight to the computer,adn got on line, because
a guy tha i guess i like told me to get on, and to meet
him there~!...i waited and waited for such a lo~ng time...
right when i was about to get off, he got on~!!!!
so...i chateed with him for a while....haha
i was soo happy...well... ba ba2....