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2002-07-31 15:31:42 (UTC)

I Believe When I Fall in Love...

i got laid off. by my own mother. i don't understand how
this could be possible, considering i'm her only employee.
yet somehow, my little sister needs money more badly than i
do, so she's stealing all of my hours. i haven't worked in
about three weeks. it's a nice vacation, but my brain is
starting to melt and i don't think i could possibly sleep
anymore than i have been. not to mention that once school
starts in a couple weeks, i won't be able to work as many
hours anyway, so i could really use this for crunch time,
try and squeeze in as many hours as i can.

i can't believe how quickly the summer went. i mean, i
guess it's not technically over yet, but i know august is
going to fly by. another summer passed and i still haven't
been to six flags!!! lana and her new friends are going on
monday. bastards didn't even invite me. we used to be
friends, all of us. i don't know what happened. even brien
is being a jackass. he called me up, bitching about how he
feels unwanted and uncomfortable when he's around us, and
yet i've done nothing but try and be there for him and make
things as easy as possible for him. he's just being a drama
queen, and he's taking jay with him which really upsets me
because jay is my best friend. i hate everyone. i'm going
to move somewhere very far away and start over. if only i
could take brett and jacki with me...they're the only two
who are acting like real friends these days.