Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
2001-01-10 06:50:04 (UTC)

Well I ve had a pretty ok day,..

Well I've had a pretty ok day, had alot of fun, but aaron
didn't call me :-( I know it might sound strange but I miss
him! lol me & my ugly mug gettin noticed by a guy like him,
haha that's a once in a lifetime thing! *giggles* anyway,
I'e all of a sudden been told that I have 3
boyfriends/aspiring boyfriends LOL! So I'm wondering which
ones to cut loose, mike (the muscley 1) cheated on me
so "snip" cut loose! Hmmm....I'm waiting to see who's
next...Anyway, I've really been noticing lately that...MY
FUCKIN HAIR IS BURGUNDY!!!!!! lol! I don't have it dyed
that color, this is my natural color & I dunno why it's
burgundy like that! (if you dunno what "burgundy" is, it's
a dark purpleish redish color) uhg! Ah well, don't get me
wrong, it's a really pretty color & all....I just don't
understand what's up with it b/c I've never seen any1 with
this as their COMPLETELY NATURAL color before...Oh well!
I've really had a good day kickin it here wit ma little man
*giggle* we'll take a picture for ya...anyway, I'm going to
go with my neice on friday to see the premier of "the last
dance" then spend the night there so I'm sorry but I won't
be writing that night! But I'll tell ya all about it once I
get back! ;-) maybe I'll finally be able to meet all her
guy-friends WOOHOO! LOL!
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