§titch my wri§ts heal my wounds

46 §titche§ acro§§ my wri§t§
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2002-07-31 14:55:20 (UTC)


now that i've read a few other journals i think i pretty
much get the hang of this... it seems hard to tell of all
your fears and dark secrets. i guess to start i will tell
you about myself, no actually that seems cheesy (i wouldn't
sit here and read about some1's personal life) i know i
know *you wanna hear the juicy stuff* well i got plenty of
that but im not ready to share it yet. i guess 4 now i
leave you in suspence hahaha and with these words of wisdom
i leave you for today...

~the second your born you start to die, so live life the
best way you can (party hard and have tons of fun because
before you know your life will be done) when you look at
the past dont only see the bad look at the good and not
only what you should have done,life is hard i do admit but
not a one of us leaves without crying or feeling pain in
it, we can only hope wish and pray that after life we'll
know someday what all this means what this thing is... what
is life and why we live?


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