a little taste of me
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2001-07-07 04:32:59 (UTC)

the big fight!!!!!

well yesterday i was online chating in !Maryland chatroom located in and my boyfriend charlie came on. i was really happy to see him in there. then we started arguing and shit like that. he said it was over and that we didnt belong to together because i got mad at everything we said or did. well that is so not true. he said that it was a mistake for me loving him. thats also not true. i told him that he needs to start calling me and visiting me more and i told him that i was talking to my friend jay about this whole situation and he got mad and said that me and jay deserve each other. well me and jay are good friends and we have been friends for a long time. so i told him that. he wrote me a email and said he was sorry for all the shit he said. i just glad that fight is over. im tring to get finally attempt to get over jesse. but what if he comes back what do i do. if will just make things worse. im lost. im always lost. but today i went to driving school. yesterday i made some friends. they are really nice. they are my smoking buddies when we go out on break. today we had fun. we all sat together. we all made jokes and my driving school teacher is really laid back and doesnt really care. well i got to go. i ahve to check my mail.