It smells like poop over here
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2002-07-31 08:56:42 (UTC)

with the years since you've been gone, i've finally let you go

i kinda liked "brick" by ben folds five, but "gone" by
just ben folds is a swell, little ditty. i enjoy it most
definitely. you should check it out.
i heard some rather interesting news today. chris
broke up with chad! chris is rich's sister. the one im
practically in love with. oh man, this opens up an entirely
new world to me. my plan is to ask her out just about every
chance i get. well, almost every chance. i mean, marta said
this or something like it, "well i have to ask, otherwise
ill never know." and she's right. marta might just be a
patho liar (i've heard stories), but she's right about
that. now seriously, if chris does like me, even just as a
friend, maybe not even that. if there was a .0001% chance i
have of going out with her, i've gotta take it. i've wanted
that girl so much for the past...i don't know how long, but
now im gonna find out.
after rich told me chris broke up with chad, my first
thought was "she's moving back in with rich." but her and
chad are still gonna live together, but not go out. that
either leads to jealousy and one moves out, or they get
back together, so i gotta act quick. i figured them moving
in together would be there downfall. that sounds so messed
up, like i wanted them to fail or something. it's not like
that. but chad went to ferris state, so they only say each
other for a weekend here, or a few days there. i figured
that being together everyday would drive them crazy; and i
think it has. mike and rich's sister...i mean, mike and
chris, chris and mike. i like it a lot!
in other girl news, i was having a little chat with
anna yester and today. appearantly some dick broke her
heart in boston, but she won't tell me any details. but she
asks me about stephanie. and i said something like, "ohh, i
was gonna ask you out everyday till her b/f (rob) goes of
to college. then i was gonna go out with her." anna said
something like, "oh i see how it is. you'd go out with me
till her boyfriend leaves." i said, "nooo, id still go out
with you." in her oh so sexy accent, she said, "no you
wouldn't." so i said "let's find out." i was a smooth one.
but to no avail. but get this, josh and his g/f, who is
friends w/ anna come into algers. im on the phone making an
order for RAVE, and they're talking, laughing and looking
at me. josh says, "hey mike, anna wants to flash you." so i
said, "alrighty, im waiting." we all had a good chuckle.
i put todd from RAVE on hold, go look at some brew
in the back, and when i come back, they're talking, and
anna says "maybe he could shower with me." then they all
giggled and tried to act non chaelant. i pretended not to
hear. i suppose she could have been talking about someone
else, but id rather think of it as if she was talking about
i have a really bad feeling all these girl problems
are gonna blow up in my face. i mean, anna said she might
go out with me, so im gonna keep asking her out. but now
chris is single, i know she's gonna need some time to get
over chad, but who better to console her than the guy who
has the biggest crush on her? lauren has told me that
stephanie really likes me a lot, but she's gonna need time
to get over rob; they've been going out for over a year and
she couldn't just move right along. i hope she has no
expectations of just being with me. that sounds conceeded
and shallow. sorry.
continuing, im fairly sure dave knows i have a crush
on laura. not like it matters, i couldn't turn my back on
our friendship for any girl. i wouldn't try anything. but
he is ditching laura a lot lately, and she's calling me. we
were chilling tonight, and i was showing her some tongue
tricks, and she says, "why can't i have a b/f like you!" i
don't even know what to do about that. so much confusion!
why are girls so danged [email protected][email protected]?
i have absolutly no idea what's going to happen with
any of these girls, if anything will happen. i mean, i want
like...6 different girls. 1. steph: b/f leaving, probably
tough recovery, but might like me a lot 2. anna: drop dead
gorgeous, sexy accent, a little older than me (26) but i
ask her out all the time 3. chris: just broke up with b/f
she's still living with, but i've wanted her for like 2
years 4. laura: really nice, really cute, really shy, i
really like, but absolutly involved with one of my best
friends 5. marta: totally hot and nice, i hear she likes
me, but i hear she's a slut, patho liar and is going off to
college in like...3 weeks. 6. carolyn commer: i haven't
seen her in like...6 months, but my god is she beautiful.
my god, i need to get a life, get a girl, get some
or just shut the fuck up. stupid emotions! how is it
possible to have different, yet similar feelings for 5
different girls?? maybe im just a sorry, pathetic, horny
teenage boy, or i fall in love at the drop of a hat. id bet
my money on both, it's win-win. but for me and my heart...i
have a losing hand. i fold.


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