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2002-07-31 08:40:14 (UTC)


Since i have nothing better to do,... i'll talk about
the cool, (un)local band members, i *know*.
Man... they should PAY me, for *advertising*, for 'em.
Oh well.

I talked to Mike, the guitarist, from TOO MANY GODS,
taday. They're a heavy medal band, from Detroit,
Michigan. It's not really my type of music,.. but i
still think they have a nice sound. He's pretty cool,
but we haven't talked in awhile. He's always online..
but.. he's always either away, or idle. but..since he
was *active*, i decided to message him.
I guess it's been such awhile since we've talked,.. cuz
he almost fergot about me~ .. but, how much could i
expect,.. from a *big* band member, anyway?

me: hii..
Mike: hi.... who is this?
me: aww.... I am... Me. hehe
Mike: sorry.... i just didnt recoginze the screen
name cause im at carmen's house and its not
on my list over here..
me: ....
Mike: u live in cali
Mike: u like punk rock
me: yaaaaa...
me: yay!

Next, is Eddie, from SPLIT SEVEN. They're a local
punk band, 'n He's the lead singer. he's another
pretty cool guy. He's always callen himself a dork,
tho. Ok... maybe, he's a cool.. dork, then. =P
I've only seen his show once,.. 'n i first started
talken to him, when i found out S7 was opening for
one of Never Heard Of It's shows.
So, we only talk online, but, we haven't really spoken
lately, either. He lives in West Covina,.. 'n he's a
year or two younger than me, i think.

Davin Dell'Osa, aka; DJ... the lead singer,... of
NEVER HEARD OF IT. They're a really cool local band,
'n are one of the bands, on this years WARP TOUR.
There's some controversy about 'em,.. but.. I still
consider 'em one of my fave local bands... 'n i'm also
cool with Jeff, the guitarist. We've mainly only
spoken online, but they never forget to hug 'n say hey
to me, when i'm at one of their shows.
I think both of 'em are really cute, too. ;)
We haven't talked for quite awhile, since the band's
gettin *big*ger, 'n NHOI's on tour now. DJ's a silly
guy.. who loves crowd surfen. ..'n getten drunk.
I think he lives in West Covina, too.

Last, but not the least,... Cris, the guitarist, 'n one
of the lead singers, of SANBOX, a punk band, from New
Jersey. After i got ahold of one of their demo cd's, 'n
i liked their sound, i emailed him. so, we've been
emailen each other. They've been around for a couple
years already, but they're still tryen to get heard.
If they land any Californian gigs, i'm pretty sure he'll
let me know. ..I think all of the band members are
about my age, 'N i'm 19. So ... yeh.

If you wanna know more about any of 'em, just ask.

Ok, that's all.

"(Those are).. the thoughts, in my head"

-Split 7

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