U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-07-07 03:38:35 (UTC)


hey, I never told u about my self. Hi, my name is meaghan,
I'm 13 and go to a privet school, My social status is
really depressing (my friends and I remind me of clueless)
don't ask y I find that depressing,until u be me and listen
to I'm so fat, look at my split ends all fucking day.I am
one of those sick of it all girls, I've got the world right
at my hands, and I'm tired of it all, the parties, the
boys, the everything. My whole world is lies, people who
don't really like each other out together every night, just
becuz the opposite sex thinks they're hott, and we think
we're requierd to hang out with each other. I wish I was a
loser sometimes, like my family didn't have money anymore,
people didn't kiss my ass, that I didn't have girls who
look up to me (and believe me, I'm nothin to look up to). I
wish I was ........ really unatractive, I know everyone
says becareful what u wish for, becuz i could wake up
tomorrow morning, ass ugly, them my life would be over. No
more phone calls from boys, my friends would ditch me, and
my guy friends would even agnolege me. My popularity
wouldn't mean shit. I HAVE NOTHIN TO TURN TO, nothin to
exscape the life planned for me. I don't wanna end up like
my friends moms, at home, while they;re husbands are at
work, the big CEOS. havin affairs with their secretarys.
god that would suck, I just have so much to say, but
tomorrow I have a party, I don't even knwo the kid, it's
his sweet sixteen. at first Iwas a lil creeped that some
random guy invted me to his party, but I know some guys at
his school, they prob told him to invite me,lol I'll be the
youngest person there , anyway, I have to wash a pair of
jeans so they'll shrink and fit my ass better so ttyl, pray
for me lol
ps I luv feedback

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