Dirty Fractyl
2002-07-31 07:31:21 (UTC)


Okay, no, I never came back from cancer. No, I never have
won the tour de France, BUT, I have cycled to work and back
the last three days--and that's about 20 miles each day!
Watch out all you foreign cyclists! Yeah! I'm gonna come
beat you and stuff! Yeah, so, even if that doesn't happen,
at least my quads are getting hella ripped.

One less friend.
The one removed from the list: Matt DiColla.
His crime: stabbing everyone he knows (me included) in the
My reaction: Figures.

Something that is not cool: I have no money.

Consequence of this uncool thing: I have no drug money.

What am I going to do tomorrow?

Be a scavenger.

This falls within the most brainless entries I have ever
made. So this must be what it feels like to be a boring
clone walking around...thinking...about unimportant garbage.