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2002-07-31 07:28:49 (UTC)

the roof is on fire and i dont give a fuck

so i was just at dennys for almost five hours.

i saw a bunch of people.
people i didnt even want to see included.

its after three and im tired but i dont feel like sleeping

i have a lot on my mind and i think ive made a lot of
decisions tonight that however difficult for me will in the
end turn out the best

its scary to think im like her.
one third.
i dont like it.

i didnt see alli tonight.
but yeah
i think i know whats going on
but whatever you know

am i asking too much

thats my song for right now
its a great song

i think i am
and i think i need too much actually


there was a cool guy we met there though
he was nice
that girl had really large boobies ha
she was walking into walls
real drunk



im so out of it
too much coffee and not enough sleep

and candlebox is the only think keeping me from bawling
right now

what would i do without music

i doubt id be here honestly
ani has no idea what she did for me.
no idea at all

im void
i feel so fucking void
a big fucking mess of baggage and logic
swirling around in my fucking head
and nothing i can say make sense of any of it
and i can ramble and disect for hours.
but none of it will change anything

why does she do what she does.
why do i do what i do.

"but you let me fall behind, you let me fall behind"

she doesnt care.
she doesnt

shes too invovled with herself to even notice.

run girl
people should run far far away from me

what was i thinking
what the fuck did i expect

just another number


im not making any sense

im talking about so many different things and yet its all
just on big fucking blob
i didnt even realize

i was so oblivious

a few years ago this is not what i had envisioned for my

im not going to let anyone bring me down after all the
fucking shit that ive been though

i think i really am my own worst enemy the majority of the