U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-07-07 03:22:52 (UTC)

My so called life

tonight I went to the movies w/ my friend becca, we saw
scary movie 2, it was really good, but nasty as hell. the
brian thing is starting to gross me out, like i used to
like it when he flirts, but now I'm like cool, but a little
creeped out, but i love him soo much, and when I leave I'm
gonna cry, and then yesterday I went to the sound of music,
I sat next to mitch and he was like rubbing my leg, i was
like NO UR 17!!!!!!!! I'm 13, LEAVE ME ALONE! this happens
to much, this is realy not healthy for me, I'm gonna be a
really fucked up girl, but anyway, my life is pretty
normal, I don't think that I'm anything special,just ur
average "bitch" with issues, but hey catch u all later

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