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2002-07-31 06:46:06 (UTC)

a most brilliant day !

today .. I had the best day ever !
I start the day off- i slept in rebe is staying with me-
totally cool !
So we danced around the house to music all morning.
Then i showered, and i called my new room mate Sam.
I went over there and put some painting and other crap
in the house. By which time is was after 3 pm. so i
called Steve, he came over within 15 minutes- and we
all went to the fair. It was like sooo amazing ! i
screamed so loud on the rides that i have a sore throat
! YAHOO !!! I totally piged out ! I ate fish and chips, and
hot chocolate.. etc. we saw some rabbits- made me
miss my old rabbit- who i loved the most in the world..
Anyways, after that, Steve came back to my place, and
we watched movies, and ate junk food. We were all
curled up with blankets and stuff- very cozy !
He left a few seconds ago, and I am totally exhausted.
We never did watch "Austin Powers" at the movies-
maybe tomorrow afternoon.
I've spend so much money in the last 48 hours- i better
not spend any money for the next like 3 years !
I had such a great day !
When i got home, of course i had to check my email.
Justin wrote- he says he misses me, but i don't see
how ! he never wanted to spend time with me when we
lived close to each other. There is something he is no
telling me, and i can't figure out what it is- there is a
reason why he won't get close with me ! dunno what it
is- I've never had a boy act strange like this with me. I've
never met a boy i couldn't have before.. i can even get
married men if i want them, but i cannot get justin ! and
i'm like obsessed with him. I broke up with Sam over
justin, and i can't have a relationship- because i still
dream of him. Sad i know !
i shouldn't have broken up with Sam ! i miss Sam !

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