My Life!!!
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2002-07-31 06:03:29 (UTC)

~*^MY LIST^*~

My list of things i *"HAVE"* to do!!!!

1.Get married on the beach
2.Get a tatto
3.Get something pierced (not my ears)
4.Do my fantasy date, which is a picnic either at the park
or the beach (DONE)
5.See the stars at night (outside, with someone)(DONE)
6.Go to college!!
7.Play a sport (any)(DONE)
8.Leave the state (Kali)
9.Fall in love (DONE)
10.Graduate high school
11.Get a job
12.Learn how to drive
13.Meet someone famous (DONE)
14.Witness a miracle
15.Get on a plane
16.Go to a concert (to see anyone)
17.Be in a Play
18.Go to a fair/Carnival/amusement park (with all my friends)(DONE)
19.Go to all my school dances (Senior year only)
20.Do something "DARING"!!!!!
21.Get seranaided by someone out my window!!

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